Gleason Sensei’s 2017 Schedule

William Gleason Sensei has a full and busy schedule this year, with stops all across the country and a number of seminars and intensives at home in Boston.
The current 2017 event list is posted below and
please check the Shobu Aikido Boston schedule for updates.

Seminar Calendar
Jan 18             Yudansha Class (Black Belts Only)
Jan 21             Internals Seminar
Jan 27-29       Cleveland
Feb 10-12      Boston Winter Gasshuku. W/Jay Weik.
Feb 15            Yudansha Class (Black Belts Only)
Feb 18            Basics/Testing
Feb 24-26       Kure Beach Aikido. Wilmington, NC
Mar 11            Internals Seminar
Mar 15            Yudansha Class (Black Belts Only)
Mar 24-26      Tallahassee, N. Florida (Mike Page)
Apr 7-9           Michigan Aikikai. (Mark Olszewski)
Apr 13-15      Shobu Aikido of Ohio
Apr 19            Yudansha Class (Black Belts Only)
Apr 21-23      Shrine Dojo (Sarasota)
Apr 28-30      Spring Gasshuku
May 4-8         Aikido Eastside (Belleview, WA)
May 13          Basics/Testing
May 17          Yudansha Class (Black Belts Only)
May 19-21    Baltimore Aikikai
May 27-28    Shobu Aikido of the Berkshires
Jun 17            Internals Seminar
Jun 21            Yudansha Class (Black Belts Only)
Jun 30 – Jul 5  ASU Summer Camp
Jul 19              Yudansha Class (Black Belts Only)
Jul 21-23        Summer (All-Star) Gasshuku
Aug 5             Basics/Testing
Aug 11-13     Shobu Aikido of Vermont
Aug 16          Yudansha Class (Black Belts Only)
Aug 26           Internals Seminar
Sep 15-17     Aikido of Maine
Sep 20           Yudansha Class (Black Belts Only)
Oct 5-7          Shobu Aikido of Ohio
Oct 18           Yudansha Class (Black Belts Only)
Oct 20-22      Fall Gasshuku
Nov 3-5         Aikido Eastside
Nov 15          Yudansha Class (Black Belts Only)
Dec 20          Yudansha Class (Black Belts Only)

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